The Ambitious Marketing Unicorn SmartStreetMedia Just Generated its First 1,000,000 Million Phone Calls by Giving Users What They Want

SmartStreetMedia – the leading full-service digital marketing agency specializing in SEO, has generated its first-ever 1,000,000 million phone calls by delivering users what they wish to acquire.

LAS VEGAS, NV / ACCESSWIRE / September 16, 2019 / SmartStreetMedia is a high-end digital marketing agency that specializes in a wide range of SEO-related solutions, has recently generated over 1,000,000 million phone calls by delivering customer-centric services. Victor Smushkevich recalls it as a big-time achievement with the company’s aim to be a marketing leader in the given industry. Having over 11 years of relevant experience in Lead Generation, PPC, and SEO, Victor has been successful in garnering over 30 million online advertising while generating hundreds of millions for the respective clients. Being at the forefront of the SEO industry, Victor aims at continuously bringing into effect the cutting-edge digital marketing strategies for his potential clients at SmartStreetMedia.

Victor Smushkevich is joined by his other team members namely Jason Reynolds (Project Manager), Brenda Adams (Head Designer), Ryan Whitton (Lead SEO), and Corey Rose (Partner Management) in the company’s pursuit to deliver high-end SEO results to the clients. Since its inception in the year 2013, has been serving as a full-service digital marketing agency that specializes in various aspects of digital marketing including SEO, PPC, content generation, social media marketing, lead generation, and others.

Victor states that the company was able to achieve the impressive mark of making as many as 1,000,000 million calls through its immense focus on enhancing the overall customer experience. By giving the customers what they want, SmartStreetMedia aims at gaining a competitive advantage in the otherwise highly competitive market. The core principles of the ambitious digital marketing agency revolve around providing its customers with high-value services as well as experiences towards optimizing customer engagement. SmartStreetMedia has recently ranked for over 40,000 keywords on the first page of Google. Given its remarkable achievement, the clients can be assured of receiving the best lead generation and SEO results while working with experts like Victor Smushkevich. At the same time, SmartStreetMedia also boasts generating over 30 million dollars for the respective clients through its comprehensive range of digital marketing solutions.

There are more impressive statistics that make SmartStreetMedia a leading ambitious marketing agency in the industry amongst others. The company boasts over 1 million app downloads with over 56,000 leads generated successfully for its valuable clients. With over 237 websites optimized effectively through high-end SEO solutions, SmartStreetMedia is gaining impetus of being a market leader in the modern era. Hanging on to its wide range of digital marketing services -right from Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to lead generation, content creation, PPC (Pay Per Click) management, blogger outreach, online reputation management, and so more, SmartStreetMedia strives to satisfy the unique online marketing requirements of the clients from all around the world. Given its impressive mark in the digital marketing industry, SmartStreetMedia and its services have also allowed its clients to be featured in some of the high-end names like BuzzFeed, HuffPost, Inc., Forbes, and so more.

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