The best techniques to improve customer journeys?

Chart of the Day: Personas, Journey mapping, AB testing, VoC or NPS, which do you use?

From our research on managing digital marketing it’s clear that there is a major challenge for many marketers of creating integrated strategies and communications plans. From a customer point-of-view there is also likely to be a poor experience if their customer journeys are unclear or restricted by the inability of brands to integrate their communications and experiences.
Since improving your customer journey can be one of the most effective ways to boost online leads and sales, we asked respondents which analysis techniques their businesses were using to research and improve the effectiveness of their customer journey.

You can see that using customer personas and customer journey mapping has become a popular approach which is great to see. Improved focus on customers can only be a good thing, both for businesses and their customers.

In our customer persona template we show how different techniques such as customer persona development, customer journey analysis and content mapping can be used to review and improve digital experiences in conjunction with conversion rate optimisation.

It’s also good to see that AB testing is now widely applied, by nearly half of businesses. Less positive is that voice of customer surveys (VOC) where customers are asked about their CSAT and NPS are less widely used.

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