first world blog problems

The psychology and art of storytelling

first world blog problems

Adverts and content – a lot of people are like:




Because the advertisers, the adverts, the “content marketers” just don’t get it.

We get the huge flux around the Superbowl and Christmas for example, some good, some bad, but the majority of the year adverts and content are created without persona development, identification or psychological targeting.

When we see an advert or content we should be like:


It should make us:






I suppose it could even be:


If this was the right message for the target audience.

The story of the advert and content needs to evoke an emotion, a reaction and compel the prospect to take action.

In the UK, we used to have the running story line in adverts with Nescafe and BT but this concept is no longer adopted.

It is imperative to develop a deep understanding of the target audience for any story.

If it is a television advert, a YouTube advert, a short promotional video, a blog, an interactive piece of content – whatever the production, it needs to have a clear target.

Or inevitably it will:


There are many ways to tell a story and to engage an audience. Visual, as this blog post is trying to be, with some images and some humour.

Know the audience – it is imperative to undertake research and create a strategic approach:

look harder

Then, you can get all creative, target the audience with a message and content type you know will work and they will be all:


You’ll be in the:


And all:


Because you:


Nearly the end…

No Gif post is complete without an obligatory:

cute cat

So this is:

The End

For now 😉

Know your audience, know what works, know what they want and need and then deliver it.

That’s what we do here at Hit Reach, everything we do is informed, so what we do works for you, simple really.

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