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Over the years, search engine optimization has evolved to become as much of an art as it is a science.

That notwithstanding, there are some tactics that, when executed the right way, will certainly translate into higher rankings. Having these tactics in your arsenal means, you can focus your resources and efforts on taking actions that generate the best results.

This article outlines four top tactics that leading SEO experts recommend for brands. These strategies are the result of years of experience as well as in-depth research by top professionals in the field.

Optimize your site with mobile browsing and mobile search in mind

Mobile optimization is nothing new. It has been an important strategy for a number of years now. Nonetheless, something unprecedented happened in October last year: mobile web browsing finally overtook desktop browsing, albeit by a small percentage.

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Furthermore, Google launched its mobile-first index the next month. Before the launch, Google would look through the desktop version of your brand’s site. Following the update, the leading search engine now crawls through the mobile version of websites first, having changed its first index to mobile. Therefore, you should in response prioritize your mobile site and the content on it.

Marry great links and high-quality content

Ever since, link building has always been the main pillar of search engine optimization. Google confirmed that, besides content, links are among the top three factors taken into consideration when ranking webpages. Numerous researches have also confirmed this to be the case.

A recent Stone Temple study suggests that links are far more significant than most SEO professionals believe. At the same time, the study found that the high-quality links by themselves are not enough to generate good rankings for sites that have poor-quality content. The experts therefore suggest coupling good links with great content to get the best results.

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Give voice search the attention it deserves

According to reports on Internet trends, search queries made through voice search have increased by more than 7 times since 2010 and more than 35 times since 2008. According to Baidu Chief Scientist Andrew Ng, as the accuracy of speech recognition improves from, for example, 95 percent to 99 percent, people will go from occasionally using it to always using it.

Hitting the 99 percent mark is only a matter of time. Rather than wait until it happens, you’re better off making preparations now by having SEO professionals such as those at optimize your brand’s site to accommodate voice search.

Include rich answer optimization in your strategy

Rich answers were reportedly displayed for close to 20 percent of all search queries by 2015, and this number is likely to be much higher by the end of 2017. In order for your content to be featured for questions common to your industry, deliberate optimization for these queries is a must.

There are various way of achieving this, including creating Q&A sections, using lists, posting direct answers followed by deeper explanations, and asking the question the same way in your content then answering it.

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