Want Your Boss To Be Happy With Your Performance? Do These 6 Things

Whether you’ve been employed with a company for five years or wrapped up your first 90 days as a new team member, most employees do want their boss to be continually impressed and happy with their performance. Basic etiquette aside, like arriving to work on time, what else can employees do each day that will leave their bosses satisfied? No matter what kind of work you do, here’s what you do to catch your manager’s eye and leave a distinct impression every day.

1. Ask your boss “Is there any way I can help?” at least once a week.

Is there any way you can help, especially if you have a moment of downtime to spare? Your manager’s answer may surprise you. Try to ask this question at least once a week. Be genuine when you ask this question, as you don’t know the nature of where you’re offering to help out. You may be asked to take initiative on a project that they have not had the time to start, or do something fairly easy like make copies of a meeting agenda.

2. Follow through.

If you say you’re going to get something done, do it. Do not procrastinate on an assignment to the point where you fall far behind on its deadline, or pass the workload off to an intern. Following through leaves a major impression on anyone, from your boss to your coworkers. It may even inspire others to follow your lead and stick to their commitments.

3. Be ready and willing to learn new things.

Do you often find yourself dreading training sessions or worried you may not catch on quickly with new processes? Set your fear to the side and lean into a mindset where you know you can flourish. Don’t be afraid to learn something new. Take notes as you go, listen, and ask questions if you need extra clarification. Before long, you’ll have mastered the once new to you bit of training and will be much less intimidated by new processes.

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4. Be the first to reply to positive company wide emails.

Imagine your boss just sent the entire company an email announcing a positive sales quarter or the launch of an exciting new product. It’s a great email to receive, but some team members may be hesitant to be the first to reply.

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Be the exception to the rule. Respond back quickly congratulating all involved and share your enthusiasm for what’s to come with the business. This creates a domino effect where other employees will feel comfortable responding to the email in a positive manner and shows the strength of your team in action.

5. Stay organized.

Did you miss a phone conference because you forgot to pencil it in your planner? How about an email you meant to respond to in your inbox, but it completely slipped your radar? No boss enjoys having to continually check in on team members to make sure they stay on top of deadlines. Take this responsibility into your own hands and get organized. Schedule in everything, whether you use a print planner or a calendar on your smartphone, to better stay on top of the day ahead.

6. Get away from the grapevine.

The office grapevine is a twisty vine that ropes plenty of employees in with petty gossip and chatter. It also has a way of keeping them there, too. Resist the urge to take part in daily gossip. Instead, divert the discussion to assignments or projects your team members are working on, and watch their faces light up as they share good initiatives they like to do. Trust me — your boss will love to see more of this behavior.

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