What’s in your marketing technology stack?

Chart of the Day: The popularity of different martech stack components

You will know that our options for using online services to manage marketing and get insight have increased dramatically over the past few years. Scott Brinker’s martech landscape now covers over 5000 martech options.

Our own Essential Digital marketing tools wheel covers what we see as 30 categories that are essential to a medium or large transactional e-commerce business that is serious about growth.  Smaller businesses with less budget and less need for information sharing can benefit from lower cost or even free tools, but are not likely to have as many tools, but can still benefit.

Given this opportunity, it’s become essential to audit your martech stack as part of digital strategy development. So when we completed our joint research about Managing Marketing with the Technology for Marketing event, we were interested to see the popularity of using some of the most important services in the marketing technology stack:

Considering the most popular options in the stack, it’s no surprise that many had social media management (61%), search management (65%) and email marketing automation (46%) platforms in place before 2017 with over a quarter with a new or updated solution in 2017.  The use of a full marketing cloud to simplify management of technology is surprisingly low at 10%, but one third are considering these for the future.

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