Why ahrefs SEO Tool First Choice of Every SEO Company?

Why ahrefs SEO Tool First Choice of Every SEO Company?

Search Engine Optimization is the order of the day. An online presence is an absolute requirement to make a global impact. Websites are a potent way of doing so, and they can be accessed primarily through search engines. It is where the function of SEO comes in. It involves the inclusion of keywords in the content of the website so that it corresponds with the most commonly used words or phrases by users looking for an entity on the internet.

If the SEO of a website is done correctly, the chances of a matching hit are more. It results in the website crawling up the rungs of search engine preference with the ultimate achievement being, featuring on the first page. Many tools deal with different aspects of SEO and are ready to optimize your website for better visibility and traffic redirection.

Ahrefs is one of them that mainly helps to track the performance of competitors in similar niches. It gives you a perspective on the keywords they are using to get more matches. It ultimately helps in you modifying the content of your website accordingly.

Tools included in Ahrefs.

●    Organic search reports–  Since keywords are the main aspects of website ranking in a search engine, ahrefs gives you a list of exact keywords. These keywords your competitors also use in their content to get more traffic. Features like Content Gap even tells you the keywords that you lack, and your competitors have to get ahead of you. Top Pages gives you the ranking of the page. The database of Ahrefs is pretty extensive, including 150 million keywords.

●    Keywords explorer –  It shows keywords that others are using; it also gives you suggestions that you can include in your content from a list of almost 3 billion. A Keyword Difficulty Score is present to track the effectiveness of a keyword as well.

●    Backlink data- If you look at the Search Engine Optimization market, Ahrefs is one of the most used tools for tracking backlinks of competitor websites. Going through millions of sites every quarter of an hour and giving you live reports. Ahrefs most accurate and aggressive tools which shows website backlinks before other tools.

●    Content explorer– it helps to track contents that have been successful on the social media platform, based on the keywords that you put. There is even a “Highlight unlinked domain” to show the links that websites without any ties to yours.

●    Rank tracker- From last year Ahrefs also add new feature to track our kwyword ranking. your website must be using specific keywords for ranking. The credibility of these keywords and where it ranks on a global scale comes in the form of a graph.

●    Alerts- Get notified through an email when you or a competitor loses the benefit of a backlink or gain one. The facility of live tracking of your competitors and extracting vital information is also supported.There are many Search Engine Optimization backlinks analysis tools like majestic, cognitiveseo but these tools not provide this kind of backlink gain and drop alerts.

These are a few reasons why Ahrefs is considered an important SEO tool for every big SEO Company. Ahrefs Combination of SEMrush and Majestic backlinks analysis tools which more cheap then both tools. Ahref also provide 24 hours connectivity from Monday to Friday, Facebook-based community and updates at regular intervals. Ahrefs becomes a convenient and powerful asset to have.

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