Why are students looking for additional earnings?

Why are students looking for additional earnings?

Some people during their studies in college or university focus only on knowledge obtaining, some of them are looking for a part-time job on the third or fourth year, and some start working during the first year of study. We are talking mainly about low-paid and not very prestigious positions, because students have no completed education. Is it worth spending time that is supposed for diligent study, on such an activity or is it better to wait for the educational process completion? Pro-Papers has found out what motivates students who are looking for additional income.

A side job is always the path to material independence.

It is almost impossible for a modern young man to earn a living with his scholarship, not to mention those who study under contract. As a result, you have to ask for money your parents and grandparents. A side job is a good alternative to dependence on the help of relatives.

Jobs in a good company can later turn into a full-fledged job.

Many students are looking for a part-time job in order to find a worthy employer while studying and to prove them well in a company. Often after receiving a diploma they are offered a full-time position.

On the other hand, the quality of the work may suffer from such a combination, which will negatively affect the reputation of a student in the eyes of the employer. It is good if a student manages to prove himself as a good worker and get a good position after graduation. However, often, because of the desire to “keep a foot in both camps,” a student works much worse than he could if he had not combined work and study. As a result, an employer remains a dissatisfied with young employee and may refuse to provide him with a decent job.

If you get a job in your specialty while studying, you can save time on career growth.

Most employers do not offer their employees new positions shortly after being hired, even if these employees do well. However, if a specialist joins a company as a student, two or three years before graduation, he may expect to be promoted shortly after completing his studies.

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In psychological terms, students who earn money by their own labor have a strikingly increased self-esteem.

Young people consider it essential to gain financial independence, so students who earn money during their studies and receive payments for their job are very confident.

Employment guarantees the experience of communicating with people of different ages and social categories, solving problems and getting out of non-standard situations.

While getting their education abroad, students during freelance work get practice in foreign languages.

In the case of studying abroad, part-time work is also an additional language practice. Second language skills in an amount sufficient to carry out professional activities, and the ability to communicate freely with representatives of foreign companies will be an additional advantage when applying for a job.

A part-time job by specialty that a student masters at a university allows him to dive deeper into practice and earn work experience.

 Many employers when applying for a job point out the presence of experience in the specialty as the main requirement. A young specialist who has just graduated is automatically excluded from the number of applicants for a place due to lack of experience. A part-time job while studying allows you to get this experience and apply for a more prestigious place.

For many students from low-income families, the part-time work is the only way to get a higher education.

Students from low-income families who do not have sufficient financial support from their parents can get a higher education while working in their free time. Thus, poor students have the opportunity to pay for food, room in a dormitory and other expenses necessary to continue their studies.

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It’s hard to work and study at the same time, and if we talk about excellent study, it’s even more difficult, so we think it’s worth starting work at senior courses, when the main focus is on special subjects that are, so to speak, oriented towards “practice”.

Perhaps, the psychological state of the student also speaks in favor of working at senior courses, when the incentives to study are not so high, but young people want to have their own earnings and money in pockets.

100% attendance when combining work with study is almost impossible.

If a student is studying full-time, that means he decided to get deep high-quality knowledge. However, to attend all classes and prepare for them properly, combining all this with work is almost impossible. As a result, the quality of the education received is significantly reduced.

Working while studying is also a refusal to communicate with friends, from being able to perfectly spend student years, which will never happen again.

In addition, the desire to combine diligent study and responsible work can lead to weakness and nervous breakdowns.

Each person has the limits of his or her physical and psychological abilities, the exceedance of which certainly leads to nervous breakdowns, overwork and even serious diseases. Simultaneous work and study may lead to this, especially if a student is responsible for both.

Let’s be realistic. Today it is quite difficult to find a job in the specialty. Most students work in stores, cafes, restaurants and call centers, without receiving a decent salary. Such work is very tedious, and after the shift there is a single desire – to go to bed, there is no longer enough power to do the homework. Some teachers say that you should not work while studying, as this affects the level of performance. They are probably right. Going to work as a student or not is a matter of personal choice. But if you still decide, you need to make sure that you can properly organize your time.

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