Why Sales Follow Up is Critical [Infographic]

Apart from the impulse purchases or basic buys, sales normally take place over a long period of time. When customers become cost-conscious and rational, it takes more than one follow up step to convince them to buy from you. Therefore following up after your sales presentation is a critical aspect when it comes to closing a sale.

According to Invespcro, 60% of customers say NO four times before saying YES. At the same time, only 48% of salespeople ever make an attempt to follow up. And according to Hubspot, 80% of sales require more than 4 follow up calls before making a successful sale. This means that there is a lot of opportunity for more resilient salespeople to close deals than the average salesperson. Following up after the initial contact opens up more opportunities for you to close a sale. Never give up on a prospect just yet. Maybe they will say yes in your next phone call.

The importance of Sales Follow Ups – Statistics and Trends

Another study by Calldrip show that only 2% of sales occur during or after the first contact. It means that 98% of sales will happen after the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th…nth contact. Even the 2% of actually close the deal do so because they have previously heard of the product and have been making conscious decisions to purchase if an opportunity presents itself.

Follow ups create connection and add value

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57% of prospects prefer to make a purchase only after the salesperson has convinced them of the value proposition, and not merely applying pressure. A follow up call doesn’t just recount on the promises made during the initial contact. Instead, it is supposed to connect with your prospects and show them that you are interested in not just closing the deal, but making a long-term relationship with them. This creates good will and trust in subsequent calls/emails. This kind of goodwill, trust and connection can also result in many referrals.

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Follow up calls solves possible problems earlier

Sometimes the initial meeting might not be able to answer all the prospect’s question and fulfill their expectations. Subsequent follow up calls can address issues that were overlooked during the initial sales presentation. If you work on proactively addressing possible problems in subsequent calls, you increase your chance of succeeding by 80%. In that regard, it is good to encourage your prospects to ask questions then answer them before ending the call. This is another great opportunity to make your prospects understand that you provide great customer service.

Follow up calls make your customers feel valued

Making follow up calls assures the customer that you value them. If you go above and beyond the ordinary sales representation, you will win over most of your prospects’ minds and hearts. Go the extra mile and you will be sure to reap the benefits.Perhaps that is why 75% of prospects want to receive more than 2 phone calls before a company gives up. When you make up follow up call after the initial meeting, prospects feel that they are valued. This gives you the perfect opportunity to close the sale.

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