Working With Partners, Creating Great Copy and Doing Business Earnestly, With Matt Giovanisci

How do we get to work with partners? What are the things we need to think about when we are putting together our sales pages? And how do we talk to customers about new projects, so that we can fill in the gaps in our model?

In this episode, we discuss the tips and tricks to working with partners, managing partner blowouts, getting customer feedback on projects and how to create great copy.

Today on the show we are joined by Matt Giovanisci. Matt is an entrepreneur, website wizard and podcast producer who recently created a new plugin for WordPress called Earnist. Earnist is an affiliate management tool designed to make monetizing your WordPress site easy with beautiful affiliate links.

Matt has a very interesting story as an entrepreneur. He has started numerous companies, been involved in numerous projects and even developed a social network for dogs back in 2007. The man is a mogul, but how did he put his app together as a non-programmer? This is the essence of what we’ll be getting into today.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Find out the topics that Matt’s business have focused on. [0:06:21.0]
  • Matt shares the beginning stages of his WordPress plugin, Earnist. [0:08:00.0]
  • Hear Matt explain what Earnist is, how it works and how you get it. [0:14:00.0]
  • The lessons Matt learned from working with a partner for the first time. [0:19:45.0]
  • Managing partnership blowouts throughout Matt’s career. [0:26:18.0]
  • Discover the secrets to becoming a good copywriter. [0:30:48.0]
  • Re-editing blogposts and what it takes to be a good editor. [0:38:50.0]
  • Paying attention to good blogs, vlogs and posts. [0:42:28.0]
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Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

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