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The WRKS app was created to help contractors find qualified workers in the construction industry. The app comes at a time when the economy is booming and residential and when commercial construction is expected to grow in 2018.

WRKS App for Construction Hiring

The creators of the app say WRKS connects employers and those looking for work in a way that is more effective. They want to bring together everyone in the industry including architects, real estate firms and those considering a career change to construction.

Independent contractors make up a considerable portion of the construction industry, and the majority are classified as small businesses. For these operators, finding the right person for a particular job is even more important because they can’t always hire them permanently. Whether you are looking for temporary or permanent help, finding a qualified worker is difficult.

Corey Hawtin, CEO of WRKS Inc, says in the company video below, “We are connecting talented interns, apprentices, students, and youth into the construction and real estate industries.”

The Process

If you are looking for a job, you start by signing up and creating a profile on the WRKS app for construction hiring. The app will then match you with companies looking for your particular skill sets. You will be able to chat directly with the companies and find out about the opportunities they are offering.

If you are a contractor or construction company looking for help, you will be able to search for people matching your needs. When you find them, you can request a connection. When the person looking for a job accepts, a chat window opens so the hiring conversation can begin.

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Challenges of Finding Construction Workers

Chief economist for the Associated General Contractors of America Ken Simonson recently told Jobsite, “70 percent of firms said they were having trouble filling hourly craft positions, a wide variety of positions.”

Simonson added, “58 percent of those firms said they were having trouble finding carpenters; over half the firms who hire plumbers, concrete workers, electricians, and bricklayers had that problem. Nearly half of the firms said they were having trouble finding project managers and supervisors.”

So the problem is across the board, covering everyone from skilled workers to management.

The WRKS app will have its official launch in February. But if you want to start connecting, employers and employees can sign up now. The current launch version of WRKS is free for all users, but a paid version will be available for employers after the launch period.

Image: WRKS

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