Xiaomi To Finally Let Users Disable MIUI Ads

A couple of months back, Xiaomi faced a lot of criticism on the part of users due to its forced incorporation of ads in its MIUI skin. While the Chinese company suggested that it won’t remove the ads, it has now contradicted itself as it will now allow users to do so.

You will be able to remove MIUI adverts

As hinted by a Weibo post, Xiaomi will soon introduce an option to disable ads, mainly in system apps such as calendar, weather, video, settings, etc. The new ability to choose whether or not users want to view ads will go by the name Ad Switch.

Furthermore, the new Ad Switch feature will be available in all Xiaomi smartphones with the next stable version, which is the soon-to-launch, i.e., MIUI 11.

In addition to this, Xiaomi has suggested that it will improve the MIUI’s browser, which will be a ‘simple version’ and clutter-free.

How to disable ads in MIUI?

The new Ad Switch feature will reside in the Settings option and you have to follow a simple process to enable the feature:

  • Head to the Settings menu.
  • Tap the Privacy Agreement, etc. option.
  • Select the System tool advertising option and tick the Ad Switch option present there.

MIUI ads problem

Xiaomi (as part of its business strategy) has stuffed its custom MIUI skin with adverts, which recently attracted a lot of negative publicity. Addressing the issue, Xiaomi suggested that although it won’t remove the advertisements, it will customize the ads for users so that they receive ads based on relevance.

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While Xiaomi smartphones are among the ones giving best value for money, the presence of ads proved to be an annoying element.

When will you be able to disable ads in MIUI?

The ability to opt-out of adverts shown in MIUI is presently rolling out to some beta testers along with the final developmental version of MIUI 10. Eventually, it will be available to all the users in China.

However, there is no word on its availability in other markets, including India.

How will it be useful?

The ability to remove ads will allow users some enhanced user experience, which will eventually lead to more loyal users for the company. Additionally, since Xiaomi isn’t completely removing ads, it will be a win-win situation for both users and the company itself.

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