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Zoho Social now lets you post directly on Instagram. This is Zoho’s lat step to try to save small business owners all the time of toggling back and forth between all their various social media channels. Zoho Social has already added this capability for Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.

Publishing to Instagram Using Zoho Social

On the official Zoho blog, the company was quick to point out the new feature is only available to profiles with Instagram business, but it will eventually rollout for personal profiles too.  In the meantime, businesses will be able to manage their posts on all the major social media channels under one dashboard.

This is a great time-saving tool for many of the small business owners who do their own postings. From one place, you can now upload the content and schedule it to your Instagram business profile or any of the other channels Zoho Social supports.

What is Zoho Social?

Zoho Social helps businesses improve how they use social media to reach their audiences by tracking key metrics in an easy to use platform. You can manage multiple social networks, track revenue from social media marketing efforts, monitor keywords, schedule unlimited posts and collaborate with your team.

Using the Zoho Social prediction engine, you can publish content relevant to your audience when they are most likely to see it. The tool lets you listen and engage with your audience by providing updates of what customers are talking about.

Beyond Just Posting

The Zoho Social for Instagram feature is more than just a tool for posting images and videos. It lets you schedule, monitor, measure, and collaborate by creating end-to-end visual marketing campaigns.

Whether you have one or multiple accounts, you will be able to manage how each profile is doing with the content you post.

Zoho breaks down the engagement level of your audience based on photos or videos and what type of reach they have achieved. This also includes who commented and liked your content along with monitoring keywords with the most success rate for engagement. And all this data can be analyzed to produce a performance report letting you know what is working and not working.

With the new features, you can plan and schedule posts using the built-in Publishing Calendar with drag-and-drop functionality,  giving you previews of upcoming posts.

Just Launched: Publishing to Instagram Using Zoho Social

You can try Zoho Social for Instagram here.

Zoho Corporation is a business management software (SaaS) developer and information technology company with applications for the entire business ecosystem. Based in California and India, it provides web-based business tools and IT solutions with the support of its 5,000 employees.

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