106 Quick and Fascinating Voice Search Statistics [infographic]

Voice search is the latest trend in the world of online search. It works by using your voice to ask a smart device such as Apple’s HomePod, Amazon’s Echo, Google Home, etc. to search for something for you. 

In recent times, voice search has become widely accepted by Internet users. To give you an example, if you take a look at the infographic below created by SEO Tribunal, you will see that 35.6 million Americans used voice-enabled smart devices at least once a month during 2017 — and that number is expected to reach 111.8 million by the end of 2019.

This wide acceptance of voice-enabled assistants and voice search can be attributed to their ease of use, nearly 100% accuracy, and the fast results that they provide.

Besides searching the web, voice-enabled smart assistants can be used for tasks such as getting directions to places, booking appointments or tables at restaurants, setting alarms or reminders, playing songs, checking messages and making calls. With every new improvement, their range broadens.

Although it’s especially useful for people who may have difficulty typing on certain devices or are visually impaired, most people simply use voice search when they have their eyes and/or hands occupied with something else. A survey by HigherVisibility shows that a whopping 52.8% of customers use voice search when driving. Others use it when cooking, watching TV or exercising. 

72% of mobile users use voice search in their daily activities, with males using it for local search about 11% more than females. It is estimated that about half of all web searches will be via voice searches by 2020. 

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However, the language barrier is an impeding factor since most voice search currently functions in English and a few other major languages. Hopefully, technology advancements will overcome this difficulty as well.

Now that your interest in voice search has been piqued, check out this infographic to discover a lot more interesting facts about it!


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