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41 Creative Ways to Get People to Respond to You

I hate having to stay in touch with people. New people, especially, scare me.

I’d much rather spend my time not meeting all that many people, creating, writing and eating Kit Kats.

Most of us don’t want to be rejected or look weird in front of people.

The truth is, however, that being bold and contacting people – new people and people you already know – will create opportunities.

I’m often astounded by the good that comes from a mutually beneficial relationship, particularly with the right people.

Better jobs; products sold; access to new audiences; new experiences; new ideas; advice; new connections, and more.

I get hundreds of emails from people who want my attention each month. I can tell you that I am more interested in those people who have taken a little extra care, with added creativity.

When someone does something unexpected, I notice*.

*Especially when it’s short and to the point, not copied and pasted, and helpful for me in some way.

If you reach out to people often, even through an emailed message, you will make a few hits and create a few opportunities, for certain.

If you connect with an extra helping of creativity and courage, you can go even further, quicker.

Though simply connecting with people consistently will put you ahead, here are a few ideas for being extra creative…


1. Send an audio link introducing yourself or discussing how you might help them.
2. Send a slideshow presentation tailored to them. Use something like Keynote to create.
3. Invite them to a group webinar, periscope or conference call for a select few.
4. Write an article mentioning a target client or clients and send them the link.
5. Send a holiday greeting and say you’d love to work together.
6. Send congratulations (why it’s good to set up google alerts on people in your contact list – also use ‘Mention’).
7. Send them an email with an idea on how they could improve their business using your skills.
8. Make a YouTube or Instagram video about the person in question, and send them the link.
9. Buy them tickets to something they love.
10. Invite them to a video call.
11. Write an in-depth comment on their blog or video or create an audio/video comment or response and send them personally.
12. Invite them to be interviewed on your blog or podcast.
13. Find them at their office and introduce yourself.
14. Create a pdf that presents an overview of how you could improve their business and send.
15. Ask them to contribute one or two lines to a blog post with 10-20 others on a focused topic.
16. Send them a free ebook you wrote, especially one that helps with their business.
17. Find out their birthday and send them an e-card or something even more special.
18. Offer to create something as a sample for them for free.
19. Send them a quick video message saying who you are.
20. Send them a physical gift, like a book you love or a print.
21. Physically send them your business card.
22. Contact them via an anchor fm ‘wave’ audio message.
23. Send a video link discussing how your product can benefit them – it doesn’t need to be fancy.
24. Send them a handwritten note.
25. Send them a scanned handwritten note by email.
26. Send them a book or a physical gift.
27. Send them a leaflet in an envelope.
28. ‘@’ mention them in FB, Instagram and Twitter and invite to discuss.
29. DM message them through social media.
30. Email or DM them an article you know they’d like.
31. Find out if they are on a streaming app like Blab or Periscope – set up an alert and jump on a stream with them.
32. Connect on LinkedIn – ask them to add you because you are interested in their business, products and so on. Once they’ve added you, you can message them there further.
33. Promote their products through social media and @ mention them.
34. Create merchandise like a cap or mug and send it to them with a note.
35. Send a package full of stuff that the client would love (might be reserved for bigger names).
36. Offer to collaborate with them on something where you exchange skills without payment.
37. Email them asking them a specific question about their business.
38. Send a text message or instant message with an audio link.
39. Put together a proposal on how you could help their business improve with specifics and send as a pdf.
40. Find out where your target hangs out online, search social media for their profiles, add them and engage, especially when it’s less busy there.
41. Find out what events or conferences your targets go to and approach them there.

If you have other ideas, I’d love to see them. Add them in the comments below.

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