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5 Steps to Get the Most Out of Your Webinar

Set the schedule by mapping out dates for things like rehearsals and content submission (if you’re not creating it yourself) and plan the promotion schedule.

You also need to consider the webinar platform or the technology you’ll use. Many good options are now available. Consider your need for engagement and interaction, as well as your budget.

It’s very important to rehearse your webinar. For the best quality audio, present from a quiet room. And, by all means, make sure your Internet connection is stable!

4. Promote your webinar for increased engagement.

Well-thought-out promotional materials and communications with attendees will go a long way toward making your webinar a success.

Automate your promotions if possible, because, really, why wouldn’t you? Marketers are known for keeping incredibly busy schedules and juggling multiple tasks. So, save yourself some valuable time and automate your promotions.

Utilizing multi-channel promotion is a good strategy for most marketing campaigns, and webinars in particular. You should employ all the tools in your arsenal: emails, website promotions, social media promotions, app banners, and so on. Using multiple channels to publicize your webinar will drive greater interest, registration, and, ultimately, revenue.

5. Help your webinars live on.

Once you’ve created something special, give it plenty of time to shine. After the event, continue to leverage content so all your hard work keeps paying off long after you hang up the phone on the webinar. Explore the different ways you can shape content gleaned from your event and turn it into blog posts, eBooks, infographics, and other promotional formats that suit your organization’s needs.

By following these five steps for creating first-rate webinars and optimizing the results, you should emerge from the event with new and stronger relationships with your audience, solid new leads, and a wealth of content that leaves you convinced that putting on a webinar is well worth the effort.

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