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Experts argue that, because Google writes the code that causes search results to pop up, they are responsible for the accuracy of said results. They further point out that this problem is an issue for all of us and is more serious that many realize. For example, do we let multinational corporations control the information the public sees without regulating to ensure the information is accurate?

Should I add fact checks to my site?

If you have a website that reviews claims made by others you can now include a tag that is a structured data element (Schema ClaimReview markup), which will show a summarized version of your fact check when the page appears in search results for that claim.

Fact checks are shown in either search results or News results only after meeting very specific News Publisher criteria for fact checks. They aren’t guaranteed, however. Just because your code is there doesn’t mean Google will show it. Why? Because fact checks are scored based on a programmatic ranking of the website. Just like algorithms that rank a page, the fact check element goes through a similar process and cannot be controlled or manipulated.

As with most Schema elements, if it’s applicable to your website and helpful to the end user, then the answer is always Yes – add the Schema to your website. When given the opportunity, always add additional insight into what your website is about for search engines. It makes it that much easier to rank.

Google Fact Check FAQs

Here are some common questions being asked about this important new Google feature.

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Q: Can I have multiple fact checks on one page?

A: A single page can have multiple ClaimReview elements, separating each claim as fact or fiction. Websites are asked to avoid hosting the same claim over and over or repeating the same fact on multiple pages, unless they are variations of the same page.

Q: What criteria should an article meet in order to be considered for the fact check label/Schema?

A: It qualifies if the fact is easily identifiable in the article, easy for readers to understand, and has reached a conclusion; if the analysis of the fact is transparent; and if the methods of the analysis are cited from primary sources. If Google finds that a site’s claim is not correct as indicated, they may ignore or complete remove the site from Google News.

Q: If I disagree with a Fact Check, can I report it to Google?

A: Google doesn’t create a fact check; third-party websites do. If you disagree with a Fact Check, contact the website that published the fact to notify them of the incorrect piece of information.

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