Google’s Biggest Search Algorithm Updates Of 2018 [Infographic]

The world of SEO changes by the day – some might argue that it changes by the hour. Your ability to keep up and adjust with the updates of the major search engines determines your success in this complicated genre of digital marketing.

Through the years, Google’s algorithms have seen all sorts of adjustments. Some are minor and have little impact on how businesses rank on the search engine results pages. Others, however, change everything and require us to toss out the playbook and revamp our strategies from scratch.

The landscape of SEO saw a great deal of ups and downs throughout 2018. Some entities, especially those in “Your Money Your Life” industries, experienced monumental impacts in how they rank on the web.

In this infographic put together by E2M Solutions’ SEO and Content Manager Jaykishan Panchal, we get a summary of the biggest changes to Google’s algorithms in 2018. This includes updates like the “Brackets” Core Update in early March, the game-changing Mobile-First Index Roll-Out, the implementation of video carousels, and of course, the Medic Core Update that took place on August 1st.

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Many of the updates we saw last year are crucial for pleasing Google’s search crawlers in 2019:

Google”s Biggest Search Algorithm Updates Of 2018

Google’s Biggest Search Algorithm Updates Of 2018 – A Visual Representation By E2M.

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