How Do I Know If My Business Needs a Client Portal?

How Do I Know If My Business Needs a Client Portal?

A client portal is a web application that grants your clients access to relevant company information, such as quotes, orders, invoices, transaction history, deliveries, and policies. A client portal is accessible 24/7, 365 days a year on mobile or desktop devices such as Smartphones, laptops, and tablets. With a client portal, you can share relevant documentation, improve access to real-time information, and improve client experience.

Here are tell-tale signs that your business needs a client portal. 

High Customer Service Costs

One sign that your business needs a client portal is high customer service costs. Live service interactions are costly, and the best way to cut down on these costs is by using a client portal. The costs associated with client portals are significantly lower, making it possible for your business to support more self-service practices at a lower cost.

Low Website Traffic

If your business is experiencing low website traffic, a client portal can help you increase traffic organically without having to advertise on platforms like Google or Facebook.

When clients can access information on their own, they are more likely to go to your business website, where they will find the needed published content. Being able to provide your clients with such a smooth experience encourages them to visit your website and helps you build credibility as an industry leader.

Issues with Productivity

If the productivity of your employees is at an all-time low, it may be time to invest in a client portal. Low productivity does not necessarily mean that your employees are not putting in the work, but it could result from them having to answer the same questions over and over.

Making use of client portals would mean that your employees do not have to perform repetitive tasks, freeing them up to address more complicated issues and focus on other areas of the business.

No Insights into Your Customer Behavior

Many businesses are out of their depth today because they lack insights into their customer behavior and do not understand what their customers need and want.

Client portals are an effective way of correcting this imbalance. Not only do they enhance the customer experience, but they also make it possible for businesses to track customer behavior and gain more insights. For example, your business can gain more insights by seeing which questions clients are frequently asking or seeing which topics or articles clients are viewing more.

Client Portals can Revive Your Business Sales

If your sales are flagging, a client portal can help revive your sales due to the superior client experience it provides. Clients who have a smooth experience with a business are more likely to use that service again, make more purchases, and recommend that business to their colleagues, friends, and families.

Client portals help businesses provide more efficient services to clients. Not only will this leave the clients with a positive impression of your business, but it will also increase your sales.

Get a Client Portal for Your Business

If your company is experiencing any of the above problems, it may be time to invest in a client portal. A client portal will centralize important business information, save time both for your employees and customers, bring customer satisfaction, and give you the vision of what your customers need.

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