How to Create a Branded Christmas Experience Your Audience Will Love

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Each Christmas, we see Christmas campaigns roll out, just like the movies with the same scene: the snow gently falling, people rushing to buy gifts, carols playing, the iconic child standing in front of an elaborate Christmas display of a shop window.

It makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, right?

So, if we’re not blessed with a Hollywood budget, how can we leverage the Christmas season to tap into the sentiment and nostalgia our audience associate with Christmas time, without adding to the noise?

In-store experience

  • Become Santa’s little helper and make life easy for your customers
    Offer free gift wrapping and free delivery.
  • Celebrate and create events your customers want to be a part of
    Customer events to bring families together a night of carols, a Christmas feast, Santa Photos for family and pets
  • ‘Tis the time of giving, so get charitable
    Create a way for not only your business to give back but a simple way for your customers to be involved
  • Create a shop window – people want to visit
    Decorate your office, shop, gym. Create the nostalgic feeling of Christmas from decorations to music and the smell of a Christmas candle.

No shop front? How about your digital presence?

A like is good, a comment is great, a share is the star on your tree!

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  • Create shareable moments
    Christmas photos of customers in store
  • Give the gift of giving
    Fun competitions with instant prizes
  • Geo-filters
    Get creative with branded festive filters
  • Hang the tinsel
    Don’t forget up decorate your socials. Update your cover pics and profile pics. Wish your customers a Merry Christmas on your e-Signature.
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Final thought

Creating the Christmas spirit is not enough. As marketers and businesses, we need to make sure that the customer journey is efficient and pricing strategy is strong during the sales period.

Connecting this together with the Christmas experience is sure to get you on the Nice list this year.

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