How to Humanize Your Brand and Connect with Customers

Often brands that are
prepared to be open and to engage with their customers are more successful than
those who maintain a strict wall of professionalism and formality. The reason
for this is that as humans have an innate desire to interact and connect with
other humans, so when we can see the people behind the brand, we are more
likely to invest our time or money. Giving your brand a human side begins with
having a recognizable voice and personality, but this guide includes some more
advice on how to humanize your brand to enable you to connect with existing and
potential customers.

Share your story

You may not think it at first, but your brand has a story that is worth sharing. Why did the company begin? Why did you choose the name that you did? Is there a personal reason for your logo design? Customers are interested in the origins of the companies which are asking for their custom and loyalty. Your story should align with your current brand mission and vision for the future. Make sure customers understand your motivations and passions, which are separate from your desire to make money.

Be yourself

It is important to be
natural in your attempts to humanize your brand. If you try to fabricate a
personality and a brand image, it will be difficult to sustain and will almost
certainly fall flat with customers. It’s ok to share your challenges as well as
your successes as this will only make you appear more authentic.

Go the extra mile

When it comes to your product packaging, consider ways in which you can show customers that you take pride in your work and care about their experience. Handmade packaging and hand-written notes can be a wonderful surprise for customers. If hand-packing every product is not feasible, maybe you could create unique labels using letter stencils to save time but give that personal finishing touch?

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Build connections through social media

Social media platforms like
Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have changed the world in many ways, and for
business owners, they can be both a blessing and anxiety. You can interact with
customers on a much more regular basis and find out what matters to them. This
can then help you with your product development and marketing.

Share the content and achievements of others

Rather than just publishing
your content, be prepared to share and re-post content by others, which could
be interesting or useful for your customers. This will show that you care about
what your customer needs and are not only preoccupied with your own interests.
Encourage your customers to share their experiences and engage with them when
they do.

Show your customers what goes on behind the scenes

Let your customers see how your company operates behind the scenes and introduce them to the people in your team. You can do this by creating profiles on your website for each of your staff as well as photos via social media. If something great happens in the business, tell your customers and thank them for their continuing support.

Gone are the days when brands could be faceless and corporate. Consumers want to connect with companies, and in doing so, are more likely to buy from and promote a brand. Go the extra mile and create a brand people connect with.

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