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Mike Marko with IM Consultant Services in Cincinnati, Ohio, has published a new guide for beginners who want to know more about SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Speaking to business owners who have a burning question similar to “SEO what is it?”, Marko made his new blog in order to enlighten beginners about SEO while also encouraging them to practice it. He mentions that SEO comes to mind for every business owner who is beginning their online marketing journey. Aside from that, he also knows that SEO is an aspect of online marketing that is quickly gaining recognition. This is mostly because SEO actually has long-lasting effects that he wants his readers to experience early in their online business.

“As an online business owner, I had to learn about SEO on my own too,” says Marko. “I had to go through tons of research just to understand and properly practice SEO during my early days of being an online business owner. And because I’ve already learned a lot and have the business and knowledge that I do now, I thought I should help other business owners who are struggling to begin their online business journey. I know how complex SEO can be, so that’s why I know my readers need a comprehensive and simple guide—like an SEO for dummies handbook, basically.”

Since Marko wants to make SEO easier to understand for beginners, he starts his guide off by explaining what is SEO. According to him, search engine optimization is a group of techniques that are done by website owners or business owners in order to improve their ranking on Search Engine Result Pages or SERPs. He also explains that SEO involves the use of keywords, improvement of site speed, and the creation of a mobile-friendly interface. According to him, these factors are the key to help websites rank higher in the search engine results pages on search engines like Google.

However, Marko also reminds his readers that the SEO criteria for ranking can change depending on updates done on search engines like Google and Bing. This is why he wants his readers to remember that SEO for beginners can be quite hectic at first. Business owners will need to stay updated with SEO changes in order to keep their websites ranking high. If they fail to do so, their SEO efforts will be wasted. But if they manage to stay in the loop of SEO changes, they will be able to adjust their SEO strategy and keep up with other leading websites.

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While talking about what SEO is, Marko also talks about its importance. According to him, not all business owners know how important SEO actually is for their businesses. Some of them have heard of the term but never gave much thought to it. However, ignoring SEO actually damages a business owner’s fighting chances against competition. But if they keep their website properly SEO-optimized, Marko guarantees that they have a much better chance of keeping up with their rivals. Websites with proper SEO help businesses build their visibility online through keywords that their target audience will most likely search for. This helps them stay at the top of the SERPs for their target audience. Thus, the amount of traffic to their website will increase.

But does SEO really work and fulfill the promises that Marko mentions, is one of the many questions asked. According to him, SEO does work as long as it is done right. As an online business owner, Marko also uses SEO on both his website and social media pages. By using it properly, he has been able to get his website and social media pages to rank high on search engines like Google. He has also produced positive SEO results for his clients that have helped them get into the top the SERPs for their target customers.

According to Marko, SEO will only seem useless if it isn’t done right. He says that if a business owner has a bad experience with SEO, then they might be using an outdated technique. As he has mentioned before, search engines like Google and Bing often update their algorithm, which causes changes in SEO strategies. So, he reiterates his advice for business owners to stay in the loop when it comes to search engine updates.

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Next, Marko made sure to talk about how business owners can implement SEO on their websites. He was keen on mentioning where SEO and keywords should be used, such as page titles, meta descriptions, and inbound links. He also reminded his readers that just slapping keywords on content won’t cut it. They also have to produce high-quality content along with it.

Lastly, Marko leaves a few reminders about SEO for his readers. While SEO can be fairly easy to understand in the long run, some business owners can still be vulnerable to making common SEO mistakes. So to avoid that, Marko reminds his readers to avoid buying cheap links just to rank high on search engines like Google. They should also avoid stealing content from other websites just to add to their own content. And lastly, they shouldn’t overuse keywords in a post because doing so is actually an outdated SEO technique.

Since SEO can be tricky at times, Marko and his team at IM Consultant Services also want their readers to know that they have the option to hire SEO companies such as IM Consultant Services. Aside from effectively marketing his own business online, Marko can offer the same online success to his clients. Marko and his team can even help out in other aspects, such as social media page handling or web design.

So if a business owner wants to try their services first, they actually offer free consultations that can last for 30-60 minutes. After that, they can decide if they want to work with them full time.

But if a business owner wants to read more tips for now, Marko encourages them to visit his website and read his other blogs. And if his expertise has convinced a business owner, they can contact IM Consultant Services through his website as well.


For more information about IM Consultant Services, contact the company here:

IM Consultant Services
Mike Marko
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Cincinnati, OH 45262

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