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Pro blogging tips can be sneaky subtle sometimes.

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Alexa Ducksworth reviewed one of my eBooks and published glowing feedback on Instagram yesterday.

Check it out:


Pro Blogging Tips


She is a respected book reviewer and at least one person vowed to buy the eBook. Since I have been speaking and blogging success quite a bit recently it makes perfect sense that, literally, it’s paying me more and more, the more I speak success.

Alonzo Pichardo says panic is manic. Focusing on failure just expands your blogging failure. Create content, let it do what it does, and know you will succeed. He is hyper successful because he blogs success. He gives his attention to success. He has posture.

M. Shannon Hernandez teaches folks to play matchmaker, hooking up people in your friend network based on their needs and skills. Talk about an abundance conscious move, eh? Maybe you cannot offer a certain skill set but you can refer a friend to a friend who has those skills. Success consciousness in action. No wonder why she is so successful.

Donna Merrill always seems to be talking success. She shares practical strategies to help you succeed online. Another hyper successful blogger proves; it pays to blog success.

Pro Blogging Tips

I can often be spotted inspiring bloggers who crave a little extra boost with my smiling selfies in places like Fiji, Bali, Costa Rica and New Zealand. I blog success. I know where your attention and energy goes, grows. I know as you blog success and give all your energy to success you:

  • make more money through your blog
  • drive more traffic
  • align with heart-centered, successful people
  • live your dreams
  • gain access to platforms through which you can help more folks

Literally, it pays to focus on blogging success. Sharing success tips designed to empower readers moves you up the energetic scale, from fear to love. Love is money and happy friends and loyal readers and paying clients and eBook sales and abundance consciousness and living your dreams. Love is generous service and detachment. Love is being given a platform for inspiring people.

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Love is also seeing worldly success so you can doze offline. I mean sleep. I am not kidding. Seriously, no blogger wants to live in survival mode, slaving for 18 hours a day to endless struggle. I took my second nap today here in a sleepy Thai village. I took 2 naps yesterday. I had fun working aka playing with my blog, creating and connecting, but I also watched Billions today – recent episode – and ate a mean chicken with onions and peppers and took a few cold showers and napped and after writing this post, I will probably do a little yard work.

I also spent a chunk of the morning capturing the property here in Thailand, preserving via photos with my snazzy camera.

You want freedom to do what you want to do, when you want to do it. We all do.

Why am I living this dream life? I gave most of my attention and energy speaking success, blogging success and helping people succeed. Since where your attention and energy goes, grows, worldly success and freedom expanded in my life. People bought my stuff. People hired me. Money found me. Quite a simple success equation.

Steer Clear the Fear Crowd

Some bloggers give so much of their attention and energy to hitting pain points, to trying to overcome failure, to struggle, to straining, to striving, and to working from a hard work consciousness, a forced vibe, that they pull themselves down the energetic ladder toward fear. Fear is poverty, competition, tension, tiredness, sickness, struggle and failure, and eventually, you quit blogging if you vibe from fear for long enough.

Steer clear this fear crowd. They speak the exact opposite message of success and love, attracting a fear-crowd of struggling folks who are always in that fight, having financial problems, climbing down the energetic ladder, into fear and deeper failure.

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What if You Have Little Worldly Success?

Every move toward greater success is a win like:

  • buying your domain and hosting
  • publishing your first post
  • writing your first blog comment
  • doing your first live broadcast

Stress these successes. Focus on sharing these wins.

Share your dreams with your readers. We want to see your vision. We want your ambition to unveil itself. We want inspiration. We want hope. We want motivation.

By sharing your wins and by sharing your dreams and by sharing practical tips you learned from successful bloggers in your niche, you give your energy to success and cut your blogging learning curve by years. You succeed more quickly because success begets success. Where your attention and energy goes, grows.

Pick Successful Titles

Pick successful titles most of the time. Examples like, “10 tips to become a successful blogger,” or “5 tips to successfully drive blog traffic.” Attract successful readers or success-seeking readers. Successful readers hook you up with more successful folks – birds of a feather flock together – and also have ample money to buy your stuff. Success-seeking readers eagerly spend money on your products and services. If successes and success seekers spend money freely on your stuff, it, once again, literally pays to focus on blogging success.

Inspirational Blogging Course

I chose the title “11 Fundamentals of Successful Blogging” for my blogging audio course because I focus on success. Successful people – or high energy success seekers – purchase it, listen to it, and feel unstoppable, impassioned and ready to take over their blogging niche. Buy it if you want an electric jolt of blogging inspiration.

Related blog posts and resources:

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