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The holidays are here, and we’re in the homestretch before everyone turns their full attention on 2019. You’ve probably been pushing holiday promotions and seasonal offerings in some form for every stage of the customer journey, but these marketing campaigns are coming to a close and it’s time to think forward. Before jumping right into 2019 nurture programs and messaging, let your business press pause on the promotions, offers, and value-packed opportunities to simply recognize and appreciate this holiday season. It’s a way of staying top-of-mind with your customers while smoothly transitioning from holiday-centric content to gearing up for an exciting new year.

Wrap and put a bow on your holiday messaging during this next week with a non-promotional email to your customers. It’s a way of letting them you know you’re thinking of them during the holidays, and that you recognize and appreciate the opportunity to celebrate this special time of year together – even if it’s just in the form of an email.

7 Non-Promotional Holiday Email Ideas

1. A sincere letter from the executive team or CEO. Your business wouldn’t be where it is today without your customers and they’ll appreciate hearing it on a personal level from the top.

2. If they currently have products with your business that are great to use during this hectic time of year, it’s worth a friendly reminder! A financial institution, for instance, may want to let its cardholders know that this month’s cash-back rewards are in categories that pertain to their needs around the holidays, like groceries (a reminder just before Christmas dinner shopping) or department stores (for last-minute gifts). It’s not promotional if they already have the product, and serves as a reminder of how it can best benefit your customers this time of year.

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3. A message on how to stay safe during this holiday season, especially as it relates to your industry. This can be in the form of a list, infographic, or even a short video. Insurance firms are a great example with how they can share safety tips around the home for large gatherings and incremental weather. Not in the business of much safety hazard during this time of year? Give it a cheeky spin with how to unplug from our devices and even work to enjoy the holiday.

4. Share how your business gave back to its community this holiday season. Perhaps your local offices, branches, or agencies hosted a food drive, volunteered as a team, made a charitable donation, or contributed to families in need – your customers want to know that they’re supporting businesses that give back to their communities. Briefly recap with a few photos why you chose this type of charitable work, the experience, and the outcome. Be humble and appreciative to your customers for helping make this happen; help them feel part of how the business gave back.

5. Reflect on the past year for the business, community, and customers. This is a great opportunity to share your 2018 successes and, what’s more, extend those successes to your customers. Keep the reflections somewhat high-level and light; now’s not the time to crunch numbers and create charts. What do your customers care to hear about, and how did they help you achieve it? What accomplishments instill trust in your brand?

6. Shine light on a customer who has made an impact on their community. It’s not about how successful they’ve been since implementing your product or service; this is all about celebrating their positive contribution and sharing the holiday spirit. (Remember to make sure they’re okay with you sharing!)

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7. Create a list of top content in your industry from this past year. Is there a particularly great thought leadership article, value-packed report, or several books that your professional network will love? Again, we’re keeping this light and non-promotional as we wrap up the holiday season, but this informational round-up serves as a good transition from 2018 to 2019.

At the end of the day, never underestimate the power of a personal note that expresses appreciation. It’s the gesture more than anything, and a reminder in their inbox that you’re thinking of them (and not their wallets).

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