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How are people engaging with your content tools on social?

Nathan: Do you have any customers reporting back any specific success stories from either using Wavve or Zubtitle, and just how it’s worked for their business?

Baird: We hear from a lot of people, especially in the Zubtitle side, just how much more engagement they’re getting on LinkedIn is really one of the most popular places that our customers are using Zubtitle. And the main reason for that is people, when you’re on LinkedIn, you’re generally at work and your computer’s not blaring volumes. So when you play a video this subtitles, they need to be there, especially on LinkedIn.

So that’s definitely one place where people are reporting back just the comments, the engagement that they’re getting on the videos, the views themselves are really a product of the algorithm and what you’ve done in the past, how many people see it initially, but that engagement is really what people are shooting for these days.

And that’s a lot of the success stories that we’ve been getting.

And then for Wavve with podcasts, probably the most success stories that we get is people that are really excited about sharing their podcasts on LinkedIn or on Instagram, sorry. People that share on Instagram and again, create that engagement with an audience that they’ve built on that platform already. So those are definitely the two, probably the two highest use cases for both of those products.

What are the big trends out there in social?

Nathan: What other trends out there? You talked about LinkedIn. LinkedIn has been big for video this past year, any other trends out there that you’re starting to see people using your products for?

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Baird: I think LinkedIn is the big one, and LinkedIn also just released the LinkedIn Live. I don’t have access to it yet. I haven’t been able to try it. But, they’re launching more video products. They’re really doubling down there. I think LinkedIn’s really interesting people for a long time that have been kind of predicting that social media was going to move towards more like community focus and niche based social media. So leaving, Facebook that covers anything and everything to more focused on social media platforms that are subject related. And I think LinkedIn is really the first one that does that, because it’ll list all LinkedIn users are connected with a similar interest or a subject matter which is business. And I think that’s why LinkedIn is really starting to, really skyrocket engagement and views for content because people are all, your audience is already there. You just have to start creating content and put it out there.

So that’s really, I think that’s the biggest one right now. Also, I think with Facebook, a big trend recently has been moving away from having a page or a personal profile and building groups out. So again, social media has been trending from a place where you promote and blast out messages to a place where engagement is really what ranks well and performs well. So the more interaction and engagement you can have with your audience, the better. And Facebook groups is a really great way to do that. I think LinkedIn is trying to revamp their group features as well. But those are definitely two of the biggest, two of the biggest trends aside from Instagram just to kind of dominating everything at the moment. But I think that’ll be interesting. I don’t know how much that plays from a B2B standpoint unless you’re focused on consumers. So I’ll be interesting to see how Instagram evolves going forward.

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