SAP CEO: We Out-Innovated Everybody

SAP announced the completion of its $8 billion acquisition of Qualtrics which brings critical real-time customer experience data to its customers. SAP CEO Bill McDermott explains how the combination of Qualtrics’ Experience Management (XM) Platform with SAP’s enterprise software and cloud services is not only a game changer for companies, but solidifies SAP as the world’s business software leader:

“Where did we leave them in the dust? We basically out innovated everybody in terms of how you run your business better. Now the idea is how you create an unbelievable human experience so you inspire your people to take care of your customer and create a loyalty effect that’s unlike any other company in the industry. That’s what we do.”

Bill McDermott, CEO of SAP, talks about how the integration of Qualtrics into SAPs enterprise solutions will help businesses know their customers with real-time sentiment analysis, in an interview with Fox Business at Davos 2019:

With Qualtrics Your Brand Will Become a Religion

I think it’s really important that you focus on the business of your customer and stay obsessed with that and not get caught up in a lot of tech jargon. That’s why I’m glad we’re the business software market leader.

There is a huge trust deficit in the economy. Customers aren’t necessarily getting what they paid for which is why there is a $1.6 trillion deficit from customers that defect from companies that are out there in the marketplace today. So how do you keep a loyal customer? Today’s systems create operating data. You know your customers, you know your people, you know your suppliers. But we need to know what are consumers saying in real time, in the moment? We need that sentiment analysis.

Qualtrics is the number one experience management company in the world. From now on, your customers, if you are CEO, will love your products. In fact, they will be obsessed with them. Your brand will become a religion because every employee is an ambassador that’s connected inextricably to the customer experience. That’s Qualtrics.

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If you are a customer of SAP, now you have all the experience data. I call this X-data. This is data from all the consumers that are experiencing your product and your brand. You combine that with the O-data which is all the operational aspects of how you run your company, from your demand all the way through to your supply. You know everything. You take X plus O and you have the winning formula.

The Enterprise Has Been Redefined by SAP

We surveyed, with Qualtrics and SAP, along with the World Economic Forum here, we surveyed 10,000 individuals on a random sample in 29 different countries. Once of the questions was, “What are you really worried about out there?” Most humans said we are worried about being replaced by robots. We said, “Is tech for good or is tech for bad?” What’s happening in your world with the perception of technology? They said, “A little bit better than negative, but somewhat ambivalent.” That’s a concern.

They said that they are basically trusting the people that run their companies, even more than the people that run government. There is a trust deficit out there. It’s really important that we close that trust deficit at the leadership level. It’s also important that companies get the human experience going with their own employees and their customers. That’s why I think that this experience management positioning for SAP is fundamentally going to be a moment in time where the enterprise has been redefined by SAP.

Over 77 percent of the world’s transactions run through an SAP system. We manage everything from the customer relationship to how you manage your people to how you build great products and how you ship on time and deliver. Now we have experience management which is the ultimate touchpoint for customers, and we put it all in the cloud. So you can be nimble, you can be agile, and you can upgrade quickly. You don’t need a whole lot of resources to maintain these systems. We are moving faster than anyone in 25 industries and in 193 countries around the world.

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About the S/4HANA Upgrade

S/4HANA is now the system from the demand signal of your consumer in any channel including ecommerce. We know your consumer. We align the product in the proper configuration, at the proper price based on the customers history and all the loyalty that they should earn in their business with you. We ship. We take care of the whole supply chain. You get what you want at the price you procured for anyplace in real-time in the world. That whole value chain is SAP.

4HANA is now in a cloud. So you can run your entire company from end-to-end on top of SAP’s 4HANA platform in the cloud. Game change. Again, I go back to, that’s all the operational data and all the operational processes. Now, if you can add experiences to this with Qualtrics you’ve got an unbeatable competitive advantage.

I’m signing up customers left and right on this idea in Davos because this has been the number one thing that businesses have forgotten. You have to have the experience under control with your consumer and it has to be real-time sentiment analysis. Just think, it’s five times more expensive to get a new customer than to keep the one you have. Don’t you want to know how they’re doing?

No Signs That There is This Global Slowdown

We have a very strong business. There are no signs in our business that there is this global slowdown. Because we serve the best run businesses in the world we are usually an early indicator of what’s going on out there. We see a very optimistic future. Our pipelines and our business model have not changed one iota. I think there is this disjoint between the consumer companies and the consumer world and the enterprise.

SAP CEO Bill McDermott: “We out innovated everybody.”

SAP Bill McDermott: “No signs that there is this global slowdown.”

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