Brand is no longer bullshit.

[ad_1] A lot of B2B marketers are talking about authenticity now. It makes sense. Sure, the internet’s been a good way for anonymous/pseudonymous trolls to spread bullshit. But it’s also been the absolute best way for honest, authentic, well-meaning companies to get known. When I look around at the B2B brands being established online – …

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Quit Your Bullshit – chrisbrogan.com

[ad_1] We have to stop phoning it in. Everyone. You. Me. Those guys. It’s not okay. It’s boring and it’s messing up the entire opportunity to reach people and help them succeed. In short, quit your bullshit. I’m on a flight to San Francisco to help credit union people market their services better. When I …

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Telling 5-Year-Old Kids They’re a Failure is Bullshit

[ad_1] Over on Facebook, I saw a post that shared a note that had been sent home to parents of kindergarten kids in the U.S. The note referred to the reading program in place to learn district sight words. This is a program where kids can learn common words that they will then recognize instantly. Words …

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