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There is too much content on the web.

So much of what you want to read; to listen to; to watch, that it would take several lifetimes to enjoy it.

I’ve thought this for a very long time.

BUT, occasionally something does come along that makes me re-think how I use my time, and where I spend my attention.

Attention can shift and be reborn elsewhere.

To cut to the chase, I just started a podcast.

It’s called the Red Lemon Show, and it’s up on right now, but it will be available on all the other channels like iTunes, Stitcher and Spotify (gradually, as they are accepted).

Anchor is interesting because it sends out the podcast to a range of other podcasting channels, and it allows for interaction with listeners in the form of voice messages.

Could the Red Lemon Show be where you shift your attention?

Give it a try.

I’ve been nervous about starting this for months, if not years, and surprised myself at how enjoyable it has been so far.

I talk about how to be a motivated, productive and happy creative person. I cover marketing and making money. I talk about how to get clients, and how to earn fans.

I share my experiences in running a blog, building a creative business as a digital illustrator, being a coach to hundreds of creative professionals, overcoming anxiety, and crafting an online business.

I will also bring on guests from all corners, including outside of the creative bubble.

Listen to the show here.

Or listen right here:

I have a huge favour to ask.

Do subscribe to the show, and do share this podcast with those you know, if you enjoyed it. It’s a lot easier to be motivated to make these when I know it is reaching a growing audience.

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Let me know what you think.

Be brutal, and feel free to use the call-in feature in Anchor to send me voice messages that I may use in upcoming shows :).

Thank you!


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