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It’s not just you, Twitter has gone wobbly again. Users of the social network in Asia and Europe are reporting a range of problems tweeting and viewing certain types of content this morning.

Among the problems being reported are not being able to post certain types of content to the site (such as polls and media), though at least some users are still able to post text tweets saying they’re having problems.

Other users aren’t seeing latest replies to their tweets. In my case I’m unable to view latest replies on Twitter’s desktop product but can see them on an (older) version of Twitter’s iOS app.

Some Twitter users are also reporting problems posting to Android. Trending topics also appears to be down.

A Twitter spokeswoman confirmed to TechCrunch it’s having problems — pointing us to a tweet from @TwitterSupport where the company says it’s experiencing outages across both Twitter and its alternative client, TweekDeck.

The problem is also affecting being able to view DMs, per the tweet.

“We’re currently working on a fix, and should be back to normal soon,” Twitter adds, without providing detail about the cause of the issues.

The flakey service comes a few months after a major outage for Twitter.

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Back in July Twitter’s service went down for a full hour. In that case an “internal configuration change” caused the issue — which Twitter subsequently rolled back.

It also suffered problems with direct messages in the same month.

Coincidentally or not, the company rolled out a major redesign of its desktop product this summer.

Twitter’s new ‘Facebook-style’ look has not been universally popular, to put it politely. Whether the redesign is the root cause of the recent bout of service flakiness remains to be seen.

Twitter’s status page sheds zero light on the matter — currently reporting that “all systems are operational” when that’s patently not the case.

We’ll update this report with any further details on the problems from Twitter.

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