Wedding Invitations that shall leave your guests awestruck!

Wedding Invitations that shall leave your guests awestruck!

Email invitations and printed invites are “too mainstream” for the new-gen millennials. Thus, with technologically-advanced applications and software, you can create electronic wedding invitations for your guest list and send out invitations to the big day in style. More and more people across the globe are opting for e-invites because they are more stylish, diverse, and exquisite, unlike conventional e-cards and posters.

It is through the magic of videos and images that you can express your emotions better. With a massive array of designs and templates for your wedding invitations,  you can browse through multiple websites and applications to choose your favorite templates. In case you wish to create something extraordinary or shape an idea of your own,  you can always customize various templates and designs as per your wish. The online intro makeroffers you a flexible way of making a small introduction to your wedding video so that you can share a personal message for all your invitees. Courtesy the intuitive and user-friendly applications, the process of creating your own wedding invitations is simpler than ever.

Animations and caricatures

The digitally upgraded software can also give you the chance to add world-class animations and graphics to your wedding invitation. You can create your own caricatures in minutes and portray your love story in a flawless manner. Various caricatures can be drawn through automated technology within a few seconds and then you can also customize these characters manually. You can also add other virtual elements into your video to enhance the quality and make it more impactful.


Spice up your wedding by creating a theme for the big day. The invitations shall also resonate with the theme of your wedding and can be created as per your wish. Be it a shared love for football or two food-enthusiasts, your wedding invitations shall portray your wedding in the most creative ways possible. You can also have graphics and designs drawn on various themed weddings, for instance, eco-friendly, animal-lovers, or anything that reflects the personality of you and your spouse. Find a variety of invitation templates online and choose your pick.

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Quality images

One thing that is a guaranteed attention-seeker is a striking image in the wedding invitation. You can find high-quality images at numerous image-sharing platforms that are cost-effective. These image banks are systematically categorized as per themes so that its even easier for you to select your favorites.  You can also add personal images from your gallery onto the canvas and make your very own picture invitation for the wedding. You can also create video invitations by using classy video footage and stitching them into one single video.

Play with colors

If you wish to add text into your video or image on the invitation or if you simply wish to keep the background in one single color, use the color-blocking technique to make it even more striking. Use contrasting colors for texts and backgrounds for enhancing the look of the invitation. Make sure that you experiment with a diverse range of color palettes in order to create the most beautiful invitation for your special day.


Your videos hold the capacity of being wonderful storytellers. You can create movie-like videos for your wedding within minutes and with minimal efforts. You can also add various transitions and graphics into your video for generating professional wedding invitations. Narrate your story through effective footage and images and astound your guests with an intriguing film about how you met your life partner.

Documentaries and interviews

You can also create documentary invitations that consist of various footage of your and your spouse. It could also be in an interview format where each of you answers a set of questions. You could also record small messages from the guests and close relatives on a special day and compile it into a video.

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Music and voice-overs

Use various invitation templates to make interesting videos as per your imagination. You could further enhance the quality of your videos by adding music and voice-overs. These kinds of elements stimulate a sense of enthrallment in the viewers and create drama in the video. If you wish to create a slideshow of images, adding a piece of background music is indispensable. Browse through the diverse music bank available on the apps or you could also download and add your own music or song in the background.

Once your unique wedding invitation is ready, you can simply render it and share it in your social communities through social media platforms. With the help of apps and software, there is no limit to your creativity. The cost-effective, intuitive, and user-friendly online tools of wedding invitation makers are perfect for you to create wedding videos and invitations that are sure to stand-out of the ordinary.

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