Adbrain ups the ante on cross-device identity

Since many people use more than one device to communicate with brands, one of the most important data sets for marketers has been the cross-device ID graph.

It determines that this phone, this computer and this tablet are used by the same person, so marketing to that person can be coordinated between the devices.

Adbrain has recently upped the ante on its identity resolution solution, called Identity AI. Now, CEO Gareth Davies told me, his company is “the first identity provider to use machine learning to traverse different dimensions of identity.”

“No one [else] has been able to understand how each individual comes together as a social unit, how my devices relate,” he said.

Previously, he said, Adbrain and its competitors have focused on connecting multiple devices to an individual.

The machine learning employed to do so, he said, was trained with a given algorithm that directed which kinds of data — such as the IP address where the devices lived at night — should be given higher priority in creating a model for assigning ownership.

Now, he said, his company’s enhanced Identity AI is — basically — setting its machine learning loose.

[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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