Branch rolls out Universal Ads across mobile, web and native apps


Can an advertiser serve up advertisements across channels that truly target the consumer? With an identity graph that the company says has at least some data from every smartphone user in the country, Branch believes it can.

Universal Ads, a new product from the mobile linking platform that does just that, launched today.

“When we launched people-based attribution [in December], it was an upgrade of our attributes and capabilities,” Eric Stein, Branch’s chief revenue officer, told me. “It now underpins all of Branch’s offerings. It helps marketers tie together across channels, across platforms — web and app — it’s a pretty unique capability.”

Branch’s core technology helps businesses to properly attribute users across mobile, web and apps. Universal Ads is just one of its applications.

“So if you’re the CMO thinking about the impact of all of your marketing activities, you can see across all those channels from an omnichannel perspective,” Stein said. The company says that Universal Ads could increase conversions up to 30 percent by catching misattributions caused by traditional models.

Screen shot of Branch’s Universal Ads dashboard

Branch also announced today that it has been added to Facebook’s Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP) program, which gives it access to cross-device performance data.

“One of the challenges that marketers have is that they want to see how their campaigns performed, not just on Facebook, but across all the different ad networks they might be using,” Stein said. “And so we’ve spent a lot of the time over the past year building up this partnership with Facebook, but we’ve also integrated into dozens and dozens of other ad networks like Remerge or Jampp and Criteo. And in addition, we’ve integrated with some affiliate networks as well, like Performance Horizon. We’re adding to our capabilities for marketers to measure across the suite of channels and partners that they use to engage consumers.”

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[This article previously appeared at MarTech Today.]

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