Finally, Wendy’s Made a Tabletop RPG at NYCC

We’re living in a golden age of “games” that are really just ironic cash-in advertisements for fast food companies. Not since the Wild West of cheap NES cartridges have we seen this. Sneak King was truly ahead of its time. Just a few weeks ago, KFC took things to the next level (or new low) by releasing a free dating sim chicken kitchen visual novel where you kiss Colonel Sanders. And now Wendy’s, no longer content just making Super Mario Maker 2 courses, has put out a Feast of Legends, a delicious role-playing just in time for New York Comic Con.

Perhaps realizing that it’s never been a better time to get into Dungeons and Dragons as an adult, this new game from Wendy’s takes most of its cues from that titan of tabletop RPGs. In Feast of Legends you’ll manage your stats for things like Strength and Arcana. You’ll pledge loyalty to Spicy Chicken Sandwich guilds and the Order of the Baconator or whatever. The lore runs hilariously deep. Your ultimate nemesis is off-brand Ronald McDonald. He’s a clown who loves burgers. Sure!

The free 100-page PDF download gives you everything you need to run your own campaign with this shockingly fleshed-out system. There’s some neat artwork, too, showing Wendy herself as a mighty warrior alongside a baked potato in a wizard hat. Listen, I’m writing this first night of New York Comic Con which means I’m just delirious enough to not question a fantasy fast food board game. Just roll with it. There’s a plague of frozen patties in “Beef’s Keep.”

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Feast of Legends is available now. All hail Freshtovia.

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