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LinkedIn Customer Lists

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Custom Lists.

LinkedIn announced on Wednesday a number of new updates to its Sales Navigator lead prospecting tool. After completely overhauling the platform last year, LinkedIn is making it possible for users to share the Custom Lists they create between team members. The company has also added a new search exclusion filter option and more Sales Navigator Application Platform (SNAP) partners.

Along with the updates, LinkedIn reports Salesforce’s CRM will now come with LinkedIn Sales Navigator pre-installed, making it possible configure the Sales Navigator directly within Salesforce’s Sales Cloud Setup Console.

Custom List sharing At the end of last year, LinkedIn Sales Navigator made it possible for the sales reps using the platform to create lead and account list to help track prospective and existing customers. Now, users will be able to share those lists among team members, making the platform more collaborative.

New search filter updates. Users will now be able to perform searches using an exclusion filter. For advanced “lead” searches, the search feature includes seven attributes that can be excluded from results: company, geography, seniority level, title, function, industry or school.

For advanced “account” searches, users can exclude geography or industry. LinkedIn has also expanded the “technologies used” filter available with advanced “account” searches on the platform, a feature sales reps can employ to find companies that using platforms like marketing automation technology, cloud services or a CRM.

New SNAP integrations LinkedIn has added four new integrations to its SNAP program: Altify, Drift, G2 Crowd and MixMax. Each offer a different facet of features, from G2’s buyer intent application to MixMax’s email marketing tools that integrate with LinkedIn InMail.

Users will be able to save custom lists from within each of the new SNAP partner integrations as long as they are using the most recent version of LinkedIn’s API. According to LinkedIn, Sales Navigator customers who use one or more of its SNAP applications report improved productivity and increased engagement on the platform.

Why you should care. Martech professionals charged with building out their company’s sales technology stack and CRM system may not be using the Sales Navigator platform, but it is their responsibility to know how the prospecting tool integrates with the other systems.

It’s also beneficial for the martech team to have an in-depth understanding of how the tools work and the latest updates to communicate to sales and marketing teams. To help on this front, LinkedIn announced a “Sales Navigator Coach” program, a collection of 30 to 40-second how-to videos explaining different features that make up the Sales Navigator solution. The videos can be found on the “coach” page within the platform.

This story first appeared on MarTech Today. For more on marketing technology, click here.

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