SalesForce Launches Sustainability Cloud Ahead of Climate Week 2019

Climate change has been in the news, with people on both sides of the issue debating what should or shouldn’t be done. In the meantime, companies large and small are taking steps to minimize their own carbon footprint, with global sustainable investing (PDF) reaching $30 trillion in 2018, a 34 percent increase over the previous two years.

To aid in that endeavor, SalesForce has unveiled Sustainability Cloud ahead of Climate Week 2019. Sustainability Cloud is a product that helps businesses make informed decisions about their business operations, with the goal of achieving carbon neutrality.

The product is designed to give businesses a 360-degree view of their current environmental impact, as well as data-driven insights into the changes they can make. The platform—along with Salesforce Einstein Analytics—provides an easy way for businesses to track, analyze and report environmental data. This will enable companies to track KPIs over time, including renewable energy use, overall energy consumption and carbon emissions. This information can then be used for engagement with executives, investors and customers, as well as for regulatory and audit purposes.

In the company’s press release, Suzanne DiBianca, chief impact officer and EVP of corporate relations said: “At Salesforce, we’ve always believed business is the greatest platform for change. Addressing climate change with speed and at scale is critical to see a turning point by 2020. Businesses must work together to be the greatest force for climate transformation the world has ever seen.”

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