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Strip Before You Stop | Red Lemon Club

You’ve got this thing you’re working on.

That thing you really should do every day for maximum effect.

That thing you talk about a lot.

Writing blog posts; taking pictures; making art; practicing an instrument; contacting new people; reading books; learning languages and shooting videos.

But little materializes, if at all. You love the idea of it, and you think about it all the time. You know you have the talent to create great things, but you’re flagging.

The project is falling behind because you’re not using your day ‘efficiently’ enough. You’re not an energetic person. You’re ‘lazy’. Or you have too many other things on your plate to give it a really good go.

You drop into your bed at night and you let out a big sigh. Maybe tomorrow.

This sucks because it gnaws at you. We only live once, and you’re not doing that thing.

We don’t give our project the time and energy it deserves to gather momentum; to gain traction; to develop our skills and to really turn it into something that makes a dent on ourselves and maybe even the world.

Maybe you just weren’t cut out for it.

And you stop.

It’s over.


Wait. Don’t give up. And if you already did, just listen up for a second.

Your project isn’t dead yet. You can still resuscitate — put it on life support and then wake it up again…

When you strip things down.

Not your clothes. But simplify what it was that you required of you.

If you set out to write 500 words a day. Why did you stop? You can write 100; 50; 20.

Spend an hour learning a language each day? Why did you stop? You could learn for 5 minutes.

Make a 5-minute video every week? Why did you stop? You could make a 15 second Instagram video.

Many people say that you should go all in. To just do it. To 10X. To work like an animal.

But most don’t. Not because they’re lazy, but because they haven’t grown into that kind of person yet.

That kind of person.

Consistency is what creates ‘kinds’ of people.

You must become consistent before you become great.

Like A comes before B.

You must produce day after day after day before you make a lot of beautiful work that people love. Figure out what it would take so that you could do something with less effort, and keep doing it. Even if it’s one minute a day.

Figure out what it would take so that you could do something with less effort, and keep doing it. Even if it’s one minute a day.

There’s nothing shameful in making tiny things, but there is shame in stopping that thing the world needed.

Needing to work on ‘one thing at a time’ is no excuse. Have a flagship focus (80%), but allow for one or two side projects (20%). You can keep those other plates spinning.

Do that tiny thing, do it every day, and build the habit. Some people say it takes 21 days to cement a habit. So do that. Small stuff for 21 days.

Time is ticking, and you know this. You must make this easier for yourself. We’re all relying on you.

Buy a wall calendar and get friendly with that big blue pen in your drawer.

Now that you have your habit screwed down tight – NOW you can start adding more to it. The energy and experience of habit oozes into the creative work, strengthening it, every time you return to it.

Your project is back on track.

It’s coded into your muscle memory.

You’re carving your groove.

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