Using Metrics to Boost Performance

Why is it important to use metrics to boost performance?

When it comes to growing your business, what gets measured, gets managed. Click To Tweet

The only way for your business to NOT make the same mistakes over and over is to create a reliable measuring process. Single Grain’s CEO Eric Siu helps his team set up a dashboard with Cyfe and discusses how the team has weekly recap meetings to go over wins and progress.

Learn how an agency runs behind the scenes and what goes in to building a brand. Eric also shares some of his top tactics for planning for the end of the year, and how to CYA and ABS to make sure the numbers you’re targeting don’t fall by the wayside.

The 7-Figure Playbook is a weekly entrepreneur vlog about how to build your business to 7 figures and beyond. Get real-time business insights on what it takes to get started speaking at conferences and how to be an entrepreneur.

Download podcast transcript [PDF] here: What Gets Measured Gets Managed_How to Use Metrics to Boost Performance TRANSCRIPT

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