Hulu May Implement New Binge Watching Ad Format

Peter Naylor, SVP Advertising Sales at Hulu, says that they are “exploring new ad experiences for binge watchers.” Naylor indicated to AdAge that Hulu may introduce a binge ad product to advertisers at the upcoming NewFronts. The challenge for Hulu is how to capitalize on consumers who are binge-watching shows without raising their annoyance level too high.

In 2013, Netflix began releasing all the episodes of its original programming in one batch. This practice quickly became known at binge watching. The concept was used by Netflix as a way to quickly hook viewers and reduce subscription churn. It also made the service distinctly different from regular TV networks. It was clear from the start that subscribers loved binge-watching their favorite shows on Netflix.

Bulk releasing of a seasons worth of shows is now standard practice on many subscription platforms including Amazon Prime and Hulu.

Per AdAge:

Hulu is exploring new ad experiences for binge watchers, according to Peter Naylor, head of ad sales, as the streaming TV service looks for ways to insert brands into shows without being too intrusive.

As Hulu prepares to pitch advertisers during the NewFronts, it is thinking about ways to create a less interruptive experience. While there is no specific product for marketers to buy currently, Hulu is analyzing what the commercial experience might look like when it is clear the viewer is committed for the long haul, Naylor says.

“We know if someone watched the first, second, third episode in a row, they’re binging,” Naylor says. “That’s an opportunity to create some kind of binge advertising.”

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BeetTV interview with Hulu’s Peter Naylor last year:

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Peter Naylor, Head of Ad Sales for Hulu

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