Consumers Reveal The Link Between Transactional Emails & Loyalty: A Research Report – Email Marketing – SMTP services

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93% of consumers would consider choosing a rival brand following a negative experience, with frustration from a missing purchase confirmation or e-receipt beginning in seconds. There is an alarming risk to customer retention around business critical transactional emails – regardless of the monetary value associated with these emails. While this still presents an enormous opportunity for direct marketing campaigns, the stakes are high for getting these communications right.

Ultimately, customers would consider choosing a rival provider following a negative transactional email experience, affirming the need for brands to monitor these email distributions very closely and exposing the probable cost of failing to do so. The time taken to fix email mishaps is the most important things as it affects more than just technology; it impacts customer services, revenue and reputation. There is a real opportunity for brands to be on the front foot and spot issues early. 

Companies can’t just focus on sorting delivery, though. The dominant factor that causes customers to lose confidence in a brand is transactional emails that contain poor spelling, grammar or foreign languages. Similarly, emails including sensitive data such as login details or a password in plain text would knock consumer confidence in a brand, and inconsistencies in how the brand is visually represented in communications is a concern.

Would you benefit from a feature that monitors your business critical transactional emails?


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