Exploring RollWorks for ABM and B2B Marketing

A primary challenge of ABM and B2B marketing is often not the number of leads, but more so the quality of these prospects. Generation of leads often begins with search where a self-qualified audience provides a predictable and valuable return. For many industry niches, top terms are limited in available impressions which means efforts and budget must be effectively distributed elsewhere.

When moving beyond search and seeking Next-Level Audience Targeting for ABM and B2B, the most common platforms are Facebook, LinkedIn, and a variety of self-serve programmatic options. While all of these offer advantages, they are undeniably labor intensive and at times lack the proper scale when utilizing the granular targeting that an ABM approach requires.

For those looking for an alternative option, I introduce to you Rollworks — a relatively new B2B platform branching off from AdRoll.

What is RollWorks?

Rollworks is a display focused advertising platform specializing in ABM and B2B marketing. As a division of the AdRoll group, RollWorks sets itself apart with accurate targeting criterion for important segments such as company, seniority, job title, and more.  Strategic decisions regarding creative flighting, ad targeting, performance tracking, and budget will be assisted by a small dedicated account team.

Best Use Cases for RollWorks

RollWorks is best suited for a client seeking a programmatic option but does not currently have the internal abilities to execute campaigns on self-serve options. Beyond that, a client must have strong gated assets and a relatively steady flow of new monthly visitors. Given that much delivery optimization is algorithmic and that a portion of your efforts will likely be remarketing, a client with very low monthly traffic may not be the best fit. Personally, I see RollWorks as an addition to an already diversified marketing portfolio versus being a single tool solution. Before launching, ensure there is proper room within your budget to continue existing campaigns in lieu of a substitution.

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Depending on need, the platform is designed for net new lead generation and moving existing prospects down the pipeline. In regards to net new lead generation, it is important to establish priority accounts from a variety of sources. Start by connecting with your sales team to identify target accounts then proceed to consult the data on who is actually visiting your site currently and integrate that into your full strategy. In regards to moving existing contacts down the funnel, start by Understanding B2B Lead Flow for PPC then discuss with your dedicated team on the best way to connect with these individuals.

In regards to reporting, you’ll have an opportunity to track any and all important milestones. You’ll also be able to monitor fluctuating engagement levels with target accounts following a baseline measurement period.

Words of Caution When Testing

Before rushing out and launching campaigns there are a couple words of warning to be aware of. First off, an ABM approach in B2B is typically a slow-burn in terms of seeing results. It takes time to move a target from awareness to potential value in the pipeline. If you’re going to test, I recommend entering with patience and a commitment to multiple months.  Next, be aware that the platform is somewhat on the expensive side. Most B2B marketers are more than accustomed to expensive CPCs on low volume keywords or small LinkedIn audiences, but RollWorks requires a “pay to play” fee on top of your monthly advertising spend in order to leverage their valuable data. Lastly, go in with the proper expectations for each portion of the funnel. Top of funnel campaigns are likely to be slower to produce conversions, but the value from these net-new highly targeted prospects is not easy to replicate.

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ABM and B2B marketing is a difficult, yet effective process when a diversified set of marketing platforms are properly employed. RollWorks represents a strong option for those looking to add highly targeted display and native campaigns to their existing efforts without significantly increasing internal workload. For more information, feel free to do some personal research on RollWorks.

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