Midwest Digital Marketing Day: Free Day of PPC Training On July 25th

Midwest Digital Marketing Day is an intentional event focused on creating a space for shared learnings and communication with our fellow PPC heroes in the heartland. We know that working in digital marketing in the Midwest means we’re spread out, and it’s harder to find meet-ups and swap ideas. This event is designed for connecting with fellow marketers and deepening your PPC skills. 

Midwest Digital Marketing Day 2019

Top reasons to join us on July 25th:

  1. Join from wherever you are – no budget required
  2. Access exclusive webinars covering audience targeting, chatbots & social ads
  3. Foster mentor/mentee relationships
  4. Participate in discussions directly with industry experts & other marketers through private slack groups 

Topics covered:

  • Chatbots & Conversational Marketing (led by me!) – learn PPC tactics to get your chatbot to convert
  • Use Audience targeting as a strategy to bring down CPCs in Google ( led by Diane Anselmo) – We know Google CPCs are rising, hone in on your core audiences and spend more efficiently.
  • Untapped Power of Quora Ads (led by JD Prater) – Quora’s audience is continuing to grow and the platform is gaining strength. Learn why you need to add Quora to your marketing mix and take advantage of the low CPCs.

Schedule (Eastern Time Zone)

9:50 am – Introduction with Jeff Allen 

10:00 am- The Rise of Conversational Marketing: How to Leverage Chatbots for PPC with Dani Gonzales

10:30 am – slack discussion led by Dani Gonzales

11:00 am – Google’s Getting More Expensive: How To Get Around That With Better Audience Targeting with Diane Anselmo 

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11:30 am- Slack discussion led by Diane Anselmo

12:00 pm – The Untapped Power of Quora Ads with JD Prater

12:30 pm – Slack discussion led by JD Prater

Sign-up here to attend

Before & After the event, you’ll receive links to join, content & networking/mentoring opportunities. Sign-up, and we’ll notify you when it starts. If you can’t attend all sessions, no worries. Register to receive the recording and slides within 24 hours of the event. 

No prep is required for this training, but here’s a number of resources that may pique your interest as we cover these topics:


Really Good Chatbots – live examples of successful chatbot flows

Facebook Chatbot Messaging – What every PPC marketer needs to know now

Grow Your Business With a Chatbot

Drive Insane Traffic to your chatbot with PPC

Audience Targeting

Next Level Audience Targeting for 2019

Master Custom Affinity Audiences – white paper

Zero Cost Audience Testing

60-Minute Masterclass – Audience Targeting Strategies – webinar


Why Quora Could Be The Next Big Win For Your Marketing Strategy – White Paper

Setting up your first Quora Campaign – Hero Academy Lesson

Using Quora Ads to Reach Target Audiences

Succumb to your Midwest sensibilities, and say yes to joining us for a friendly and immersive learning experience.

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