Get the Most Out of Wil’s MozCon Presentation – You’ve Got Homework!

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Leveraging PowerBI for marketers is a game changer.  It’s completely changed the way Wil and Seer works for our clients.

As part of Wil Reynold’s MozCon 2018 presentation that is happening this July in Seattle, we’re inviting conference attendees to participate in an interactive workshop that will show you how to break down silos in your data – empowering you to combine SEO and PPC data sources to uncover new (and profitable!) insights while bringing your teams together to work together towards innovative solutions.


Be sure to review the speaker schedule and check out Wil Reynold’s presentation on “Bigger Data Requires Bigger Tools: How BI Helps You Tell Stronger Stories” (Tuesday, July 10th at 4:10PM at the Washington State Convention Center).

If you want to participate in the interactive workshop after Wil’s presentation, you gotta do your homework…

  1.  📽 WATCH: “Power BI for Digital Marketers: Lessons 1, 2, 2.5 below
  2. ⏬ DOWNLOAD: Free Power BI for desktop
  3. 📜 BRING: Exports of your PPC Search Query Report w/ conversion data & Organic Ranking Data from SEMRush or similar tool (6 – 12 months recommended)

Wil will be showcasing how to upload, analyze, and build a story using SEO and PPC data insights. He’ll show you what the possibilities are if you were to spend the next 6 months building PowerBI into your marketing arsenal.

After Wi’s presentation, Seer’s Data Strategy team will be there to walk you through tat Day 1 of your SEO-PPC search discovery journey. Be on the lookout for these powerhouse Data Strategists: 


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Not attending MozCon 2018? No problem! 

We still recommend checking out these free, video tutorials to get started in your journey to using Power BI and data visualization to find cross-channel opportunities and craft a story to help communicate the value to your clients or your boss.

If you’d like to speak with our Data Strategy team to troubleshoot or request help, please feel free to hit the contact form below.

Happy data mining! 🙂



What You’ll Learn in Lesson 1:

  • Benefits of PowerBI (and a few limitations, too)
  • How to Create Relationships Between Organic and Paid Data Sets
  • Some Problems You May Encounter & How to Troubleshoot

What You’ll Learn in Lesson 2:

  • How to Find + Interpret Cross-Channel Insights
  • Creating Great Visuals to Simply Big Data
  • How to Use Data to Tell a Story That Your Client or Boss Can Understand

What You’ll Learn in Lesson 2.5:

  • How to Make Your Data Work For You (Slicers, Filters, Etc.)
  • How to Connect Opportunity to Real Marketing Dollars


Whether it’s week 1 and you’re stuck on your first data connection or week 78 and you can’t quite get your R script nailed inside PowerBI, we’re here to help!

Got more ideas or insights you’d like to share? We want to hear from you! 

Hit us up on Twitter @seerinteractive and use the hashtag, #MozCon, or check out our website to learn more about Seer!

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