Chatbots, AI, Instagram & Net Neutrality

From the mouth of a digital marketing agency to the ears of marketers, entrepreneurs, and business owners everywhere, here is what’s been happening this week in digital marketing (SEO, PPC, content marketing, social media, etc.).

  • Profiting With Instagram Stories Ads: What You Need To Know – With over 2.7 billion monthly active users on Facebook and 700 million Instagram users, it’s clear that these are the two most important social platforms right now. This Crazy Egg post details why Instagram Stories ads work so well for advertising purposes. 
  • Chrome Is Turning into the New Internet Explorer 6 – Google has been at the center of a lot of “works best with Chrome” messages we’re starting to see appear on the web, and it isn’t alone, either; besides Google Meet, YouTube TV, and Google Earth, Groupon, Airbnb, and Seamless also all work best in Chrome. This article from The Verge explains why you should develop for the web, not the browser.
  • How Much Will Privacy Regulation Disrupt the Local Search Market in 2018? –  This Search Engine Land post takes a look at the current local search market (especially as it relates to the death of Net Neutrality) and the changes that are due in 2018, plus seven ways that changing privacy laws will impact the local search industry.
  • AI and Machine Learning Give New Meaning to Embedded Analytics – Since the early 2000s, companies have been amassing raw data, which has morphed into a “$203 billion big data analytics market.” But most organizations have no idea what it all means or what to do with this massive amount of info. This ITProPortal post discusses how AI and machine learning technologies will allow businesses to take full advantage of big data.
  • 10 Ways AI Will Impact the Enterprise in 2018 – There’s no avoiding Artificial Intelligence in the coming year! TechRepublic writes that it’s critical for companies to implement AI in order to stay on the cutting edge, and details ten ways that this new technology will impact business.

Bonus! In the spirit of holiday overindulgence, I am giving you one more!

  • Chatbots Lead the Way in New AI-Driven CRM Reality – When it comes to chat bots, “Can this automation technology actually fool a human into thinking it’s also human?” But more importantly, as this TechTarget post asks, do your customers care? Considering the inhumanity of many human beings, my guess would be “nope.”

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